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Industry Specialists in the Community Sector Training – Disability, Mental Health and Child, Youth and Family Intervention

We are not just another RTO or TAFE

The Spectrum Organization is a non-profit, benevolent association committed to the wellbeing of the community. The organisation’s ethos is inclusive, celebrating those things that make us all alike and human, by providing service options that are accessible and appropriate for all in our community. Service provision is person-centred and holistic, a wellness model that seeks to build strength and capacity in the individual through service delivery and connection with the community. Spectrum provides a venue where all members of the community are welcome and where the capacity of the individual to make a valuable contribution to their community is recognised and facilitated.
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Spectrum commenced operation as an employment service, formed by a sub-committee of the Redcliffe Special School’s Parents and Citizens Association. At this time the local area offered a limited range of options for students with disabilities exiting the school system and the committee sought to establish a service focused on extending these options. Spectrum Employment Service Association Inc. commenced service delivery in 1991, providing community based employment support services to people with disabilities in the local area.

Over the 22 years of operation, the service maintained an ongoing commitment to facilitating sustainable, long-term employment opportunities with equitable remuneration for clients of the service. In 1997 Spectrum’s CEO facilitated the commencement of The Spectrum Organization Association Inc. to work in partnership with the employment service to provide an holistic model of service delivery to people with disabilities. Since this time, the organisation has grown to provide a range of community service options to support and engage the broader community. Spectrum uses its resources and the skills of its staff to target disadvantage in whatever form it may take and strengthen the sense of connectedness within the community. Spectrum now boasts an extensive community centre in Lawnton, QLD, with outreach service to the broader area extending north of Brisbane City to the Sunshine Coast.

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Truly Immersive Learning Experiences

The community centre and scope of services currently includes:

In addition to these service streams, the organisation provides complementary professional supports including:
Personal Training
Exercise Physiology
Supported Accommodation
NDIS Plan Management
NDIS Support Coordination
After School and Vacation Programs for Children with a Disability

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